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Fresh Topics For An Essay In Literature

A topic is like a steering wheel. It gives your essay direction and in other words whatever you write depends on the topic at hand. Being given a topic is stressful since your tutor can give you a boring topic and on the other hand, finding one of your own is stressful too. Before I give you a set of some of the best topics for your literature paper, let me give you an insight of how to choose the right ne for you from the list.

Is it interesting?

Ask yourself the above question over and over again. Have you ever watched a boring movie? However much you try, you will end up sleeping. In this case you may not sleep when writing your work unless you want to but rather you will end up getting bored. It would not make any difference if the teacher gave you a topic instead. The whole point of being given the liberty to select your title is so that you find one that suites you. Once you do this you will find essay writing to be easy and will no longer hire essay services.

Choose one that is researchable

Go through the list provided below and try to see if you can find adequate information about them. The one that has sufficient content is what you should choose. Well, the amount of information you get depends on the resources it hand but also do not over stretch yourself. In simpler terms, your research process should not be frustrating at all if you have the right topic.


You should not just sit there and struggle with your own problems yet there are plenty places of places where you can seek for essay writing help. If you have no idea of which topic to use then seek for a second opinion from either your teacher or classmate. Once you are done, ask your friend to proofread the paper and if possible hire an essay editing firm to do it for you.

With the above points in mind, I hope that choosing a topic from the ones provided below will not be hard.

  1. Write a comparative essay on roles of men and women in the book
  2. Are there any instances of religion and what impact has it to the society?
  3. What are the comparisons between two characters?
  4. Who is the villain or hero in the book and why?
  5. Give the instances of symbolism in the novel and how it has been used to portray a message.
  6. Is there the theme of politics in this novel and what aspects of politics have been brought out?
  7. What is the role of the main character in the book?
  8. Discuss cultural stereotypes concerning men or women in the novel.
  9. Instances and how artificial language has been used in literature.
  10. Discuss the theme of sex and romance in literature.
  11. How has death been used in the novel.
  12. Describe the role of mythology as portrayed in the novel.
  13. The role of tradition in the society as described in the book.
  14. Discuss the fate of the main characters.