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The Main Parts Of An Essay: Perfect Essay Writing

Truth is; those who think that essay writing is tough are wrong. It is actually all in their heads. Once you master the structure and have grasped a few details about essay writing then you will be good to go. Crafting an essay is also all about your attitude. Like I always say; if you think you can make it then you can. With that positive attitude, read through the points below and understanding the main pillars for a good essay. You can simply use this guide on how to write an essay.

The introduction

This is the first part of your essay. It should be able to catch the attention of the reader. This can be done by use of decorative language such as starting your essay with a quote or a brief story. Apart from acting as a hook, the introduction serves three other purposes: It introduces the reader to your essay topic. The last paragraph of the introduction holds the thesis statement. A strong thesis makes a good essay. What you also need to note is that, the introduction of an essay should be brief. It should also be free of mistakes, since you may not want to piss off the reader at the start of the essay.

The Body

This is the main part where you state the ideas. In order to write a good essay, you have to make sure that you have done thorough research and read through various essay examples to have adequate knowledge on the subject. The only way that you can get this knowledge is by going to the library. Your ideas are presented through paragraph writing. Each idea starts on its own paragraph. The paragraph should contain topic sentence, supporting sentences and conclusion sentences. Try as much as possible to avoid little mistakes in this part also because it depends on it. Vary your paragraphs. Explain the points as intensively as you can. Do not leave anything out.

Essay Conclusion

There is actually nothing new that is added in this part. You can restate the thesis and leave the marker with something to ponder about. If there were any problems discussed in the body, it is in this part that you can give a solution or a call of action. Apart from restating the thesis, you can also summarize your main points. Just like the introduction, your conclusion should be brief. Plagiarism is a federal offence if you borrowed any piece of work from a different source; it is good to ensure that you mention the owner here. In case you did not perform well in the presiding parts, this is the last chance to prove to the reader that you know what you are doing. This can be achieved through making your conclusion as interesting as possible.

In conclusion, if you have a proper essay format then you are guaranteed of great marks. No one can steal skills from you and all you need to do is keep acquiring more.