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An Excellent Collection Of Essay Prompts For A College Application

The common app essay is a requirement many institutions have for high school students entering college or university. It is slightly different from what others might refer to as a personal statement or statement of purpose because each year a committee decides on some general questions that encourage students to reveal something about them through a topic without sticking to the formulaic personal writing that often relates to one’s academic experience in school. The follow is a list of some great essay topics which have been used in the past and you might consider using for this portion of the application:

  • Consider writing a self-portrait of yourself where you describe an event that set you apart from other students, friends, or members of the family. Look towards things that have given you an opportunity to grow.
  • Is there something that bothers or annoys you about your best friend? What is your perspective on this and how do you go about coping? Is your friend aware of his or her affect when doing this?
  • Have you ever lost a person in death that has veritably impacted the way you feel about a person’s and your own time on earth? Have you changed your habits or behavior because of this person’s death?
  • Two of the most stressful events in people’s lives across cultures are marriages and funerals. Have you been at any of these and have they affected the way you think about your future concerning these two events?
  • Have you ever had to make a difficult decision that would bring about an unfavorable position to you or somebody who is close to you? What was the situation like and how did you handle the outcome?
  • Can you think of an event in your life when you were physically hurt by someone or something? Did this change your behavior or attitude about physical pain in any way? How else might have you been affected?
  • Describe something you have had to turn down because you did not feel comfortable with or did not agree with. Was this something that was expected of you from someone who was in a position of power?
  • Are you afraid of anyone? If so, who is this person and what is his or her relationship to you? Is this person still in your life or have you managed to stay away either through your actions or the actions of others?

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