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6 Tips for Creating an Essay MLA Format for College

Students can find the sheer amount of essay writing resources on the web a bit overwhelming. A lot of them are well-written and highly-accurate; the trouble is that you can’t quickly find what it is you need to write an English essay in just a few days. We’ve come up with 6 of the best tips for writing an assignment and have also provided a short list of argumentative essay topics for your consideration:

Develop a Plan and Schedule

The day you get your assignment is the first opportunity you have to develop a plan and schedule to follow. This allows you to identify major and minor tasks as well set deadlines for each. Give yourself a few days at the end so you can account for any last minute changes right before you have to submit.

Read a Wide Variety of Sources

When you do your research you should always read a wide variety of sources. Most information should come from academic or government resources that current. But you can gain a significant amount of background info be searching on the web for related topics and issues. Just don’t rely on these as sources for you work as they usually can’t be verified adequately.

Write Several Assignment Drafts

Writing several assignment drafts is the best way of how to write an essay and earn top grades. Professional writers and educators alike have found success because they write at least three drafts. Make sure you plan to write a rough draft, a revised draft, and a final draft. Make sure your final includes both editing and proofreading.

Use Quotations and Paraphrases

It’s important to use several quotations and paraphrases culled from your research notes to provide supporting evidence to your main arguments. Proper MLA in text citation should always include the author’s or editor’s last name followed by the exact page number the citation appears. You will also need to include a Works Cited Page at the end your work with complete publication information.

Find a Friend to Work or Study With

Many students believe that written assignments don’t really fit group study activities. This is wrong. Working with one or two of your classmates allows you to give and get critical feedback to improve everyone’s writing. It’s great to sit down with others who are familiar with your topic or subject because they might have valuable information to share with you.

Aim to Write in an Academic Tone

Finally, always write in the academic third person tone. Some assignments you might have been used to in your high school years required you to provide a personal opinion – but college-level courses in English want you to start writing towards publication type academic writing. Make sure you edit appropriately.

The more time you leave to complete your argumentative essay the more likely it is you will score high. You might even try getting a hold of several essay examples ahead of time so that you can study and reference them to become more familiar with the MLA formatting and writing style for these kinds of assignments.