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Speech Writing Tips For Newbies

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You will not only be asked to write a speech in school but you may find yourself at one point in life being asked to come up with a speech. Well, if you did not practice well then here is where trouble sets in. This should however not worry you much since we are here to help.

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Speech writing is easy

Understand what type of speech is needed

There are various types of speeches such as instructional, informative, entertaining or persuasive. What you should keep in mind however is that the tone varies depending on the type .Below is how to come up with a great speech.

Know your audience

There are different types of audiences. There are the old people, the young, the illiterate and the elite. Understanding your audience enables you to know what language or gestures can you use to pass your message? There is no way that you will use slang to address old people since they may not understand a thing .Another reason for this s that knowing your audience helps you know what information to pass on. Topics such as sex, drugs and technology might not sound palatable to a bunch of old people.

Find an appealing topic

Just as stated above, your audience determines the topic you choose. You may however find that there are plenty of topics and knowing which one is the right one for you can be a daunting task. To come up with a great topic, find one that the audience knows nothing or little about. Telling people the things that they know can be quite boring. Also ensure that the topic you choose is fun and it should be one that can not only engage you but also the listeners.


You cannot just wake up one day and decide that you are going to give a speech to a group of scholars without consulting. Shock on you when you will realize that some of those students know more than you and you may end up being despised. To avoid such drama and also boost your confidence when delivering one, make sure you do some research from books or speech writing apps. Once you do this, in case a question pops up, you will be able to answer confidently.

Create an outline

In any piece of writing, an outline serves these three basic functions, to give you a final picture of your work, it helps one to organize your thoughts and above all it simplifies work. Before you give out your speech, you can also give your listeners a preview of what you are going to talk about using the template. When creating a speech outline template ensure that you have knowledge of speech writing format so as to know what to put where. A custom writing service can help you with all that.

Read aloud

You can use a mirror to mimic what you have written and see if it makes sense. You can then try reading it before your friends o that they can help you correct in case there are any mistakes that you left out. Practicing will also help you sound natural when giving out your speech.

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